Is it Labor Day already?

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After my early-morning rant yesterday and then the afternoon's developments, it seems as if we've jumped ahead a month on the calendar.-- Wendy Davis made a TV advertising purchase across the state -- in English and in Spanish -- for this ad.Now THAT's how you punch back.-- Greg Abbott also has a Spanish language ad on teevee.  His mother-in-law is singing his praises.

Et tu, Wonk?

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Headline at Heritage's Daily Signal:Aetna CEO Admits Obamacare Customer Numbers Worse Than ExpectedParagraph to which the headline refers:Bertolini said the initial Obamacare enrollment numbers were worse than expected but younger enrollees increased in April in May, when Aetna picked up two-thirds of its customer growth through Obamacare.I.e.

The Roundup

- A Pakistani man detained at U.S.

Civil Liberties Watch

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Woke up this morning hearing a debate from that silly NPR series on the resolution thatINDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO UNLIMITED SPENDING ON THEIR OWN POLITICAL SPEECHwhich I thought should be pretty interesting as not a boring old Republican vs.

Rand Paul Forgets He Supported Cutting Aid to Israel

There is no surer sign that someone is lining up to run for president than when they start genuflecting before AIPAC.And therefore it should have been no surprise that Rand Paul, who did in fact in 2011 support cutting aid to Israel, has suddenly had a memory lapse.

Hedge Fund and Private Equity Fund Rent Seeking: High Fees, Crappy Performance

We've written from time to time about the fact that alternative investments like hedge funds and private equity funds don't live up to their marketing hype. For instance, hedge funds claim they deserve their outsized investment fees because they deliver "alpha," meaning manager outperformance.