Why Stock Market Investors Vote Against Their Self Interest

When I saw that James Carville had written an op-ed for The Hill entitled Why do people vote against their interests? I thought it was going to be another article along the lines of What’s The Matter With Kansas? by Thomas Franks. We have seen plenty of material on how lower income people vote against [...


The release of an American imprisoned in Cuba signals the opening of talks to normalize relations between Washington and Havana. This is both huge and long overdue. Barack Obama was first elected president on a campaign based on hope and change. One of the changes I was hoping for was the lifting of the US [...]The post US-CUBA: SANITY AT LAST? appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

Petition of the day

The petition of the day is: Bower v. Texas 14-292 Issue: (1) Whether the former Texas special issues for death penalty sentencing do provide – as the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals held – or do not provide – as the Fifth Circuit has held – an appropriate vehicle for the jury to consider and give full […]

Visas, Hillary Clinton, and the Ecuadorean ‘alien smuggler.’

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I wonder if the New York Times is not entirely comfortable with the idea of a Hillary Clinton candidacy: “The Obama administration overturned a ban preventing a wealthy, politically connected Ecuadorean woman from entering the United States after her family gave tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic campaigns, according to finance records and government […]

‘Twas the week before Christmas, so FINISH YOUR SHOPPING.

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Amazon still has four days left for free two-day, so get on that. Link here. It’s interesting, by the way, just how quickly this paradigm changes.  I’ve gotten used to the idea that, yeah, sure, when I wake up in the morning there’s going to be a bunch of Christmas presents out on the front porch […]

Thursday round-up

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Although the Court is officially in recess until January, business continues there.  Yesterday the Court turned down Arizona’s application to allow it to deny driver’s licenses to “Dreamers” — young adults who came to this country illegally as children — if they have permits allowing them to have jobs here. Lyle Denniston reported on the […]

Off to go see the Battle of the Five Armies.

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Early-early showing, because it’s a long flick.

The Relist Watch before Christmas

John Elwood reviews Monday’s relisted cases, with help from Clement Clarke Moore.   ‘Twas the last Conference before break, when all through the land; All the lawyers were waiting, petitions in hand; Their eyes were trained on SCOTUSblog with care; In hopes that cert. grants soon would be there.   Seven Justices were prepared to […]

‘What’s This?’

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What’s This?, Nightmare Before Christmas Oh, I do love this flick.

Cartoon: Cuba Policy

See great cartoons by all the top political cartoonists at http://cagle.com. To license this cartoon for your own site, visit http://politicalcartoons.comThe post Cartoon: Cuba Policy appeared first on The Moderate Voice.