"Murdered in cold blood" vs. "heroic operation"

Yesterday, there was a distinct difference of reporting in Arabic on the 16-year old girl who was killed while trying to stab Jews at the Hawara checkpoint.Fatah, and later the PA itself, said that the shooting was a "war crime" and that the Israelis planted the knife.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned killing Qatannani and a taxi driver near Jericho who was identified as Sahdi Khasib.

No crisis should go to waste

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Over the weekend, ISIS gunmen November 16, 2015Encryption protects your communications and keeps them private - and its the best thing you can do to stop the spooks from casually spying on you. It also protects your internet banking, your online credit card transactions, the New Zealand government's RealMe online authentication service and its planned experiments with online voting.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Island

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Something I missed on Friday: how Australia is treating kiwis detained on Christmas Island: sticking them in cages and starving them:Detainees who had nothing to do with the riot on Christmas Island were kept in cages, denied food and water and forced to urinate on the ground for more than 24 hours after police regained control of the facility, according to migration agent Marion Le.[...

Israel is a "safe space" (Vic Rosenthal)

Vic Rosenthal's weekly columnLately there is a controversy in the US about demands by students for “safe spaces,” which apparently are places where like-minded folks can vent their prejudices without having to worry about hearing dissenting opinions. It made me think about a different kind of safe space, a place where a Jew doesn’t have to constantly look over his or her shoulder.

Climate change: Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away

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Yesterday the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment released a major report on the impacts of sea-level rise on New Zealand. Its a major problem, which threatens to 30,000 homes and businesses and will inflict tens of billions of dollars of economic damage in the fairly near future.

Let the rich pay for their own golf courses

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Over the weekend, Bernard Hickey pointed out an unpalatable truth: the Auckland Council is giving massive subsidies to the rich. How? By subsidising golf courses: Did you know that 1400 members of the Remuera Golf Club receive the exclusive benefit of a piece of Auckland Council-owned land valued at up to $517 million?The club pays rates of $130,000 a year.

National's New Zealand: Mass unemployment forever

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Welcome to National's New Zealand, where business expects mass unemployment forever:Business leaders and economists are signalling there will be no drop in unemployment for the next two years.At the start of November figures from Statistics New Zealand showed unemployment hit 6 per cent in the September quarter, the highest level in 18 months, following a surprise drop in the workforce.

Fiji: The military obstructed justice

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Ten days ago the Fijian government forced out its police chief over his efforts to prosecute torturing, rapist soldiers. Naturally, the Fijian government lied and said he was departing for "personal reasons".

11/18 Links Pt2: Glick: EU waging a trade war against Israel; Murray: A Society Ripe for Submission

From Ian:US terror victims hold banks liable for Iranian terror fundsLegal rights organization Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center has sent warning letters to eleven banks believed to maintain frozen accounts for Iran, they announced Wednesday, advising them that the funds are still restrained for the benefit of terror victims who hold unsatisfied judgments against the Islamic Republic.

Open Government: Compare and contrast

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In late 2013 New Zealand announced it would be joining the Open Government Partnership. One of the core requirements of OGP membership is the co-creation with civil society of a National Action Plan, setting out targets and benchmarks for open government measures.