Germany Train Attack: Afghan ‘refugee’ shouted “Allahu Akbar,” motives “completely unclear”

17 year old Afghan attacker entered Germany as ‘minor unaccompanied refugee’

San Diego Community Holds Unity Event

City Officials, Faith Leaders Gather In Support Of Law Enforcement

Florida-- Fast-Times Paradise?

Blue America is going to start running the above video as a Google ad everywhere in Florida tomorrow. A generous Alan Grayson admirer gave us $9,000 for the campaign and we'll keep running it 'til the money runs out. If you like it and want to stay up on Google, please consider making a contribution at out I.E. committee here.

Election Season Trinkets in New England

My quest for the perfect birthday gift in Kennebunkport!

The Art Of Getting One Over On The Suckers Who Are Born Every Day

Tony Schwartz helped spread the disease of Trumpism... he regrets itDid Trump forget to get a non-disclosure agreement out of Tony Schwartz, the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal for him? Schwartz would like to change the name of the book to The Sociopath and told the New Yorker's Jane Mayer in an interview sure to bring on a lawsuit, "I put lipstick on a pig.

How Dangerous Is NATO's Economic Purpose?

by Gaius PubliusI'm going to break the rule normally applied when one asks a question in a title ... by answering it immediately. Using NATO for economic purposes is very dangerous indeed, since it could, and perhaps will, lead to war.The stated purpose of NATO is "defense," yet it seems to exist for a different purpose — (a) to bring money into the coffers of U.S.