Monday Cable Ratings: Fox’s Megyn Kelly Beats O’Reilly in Demo

With 455K viewers in the 25-54 demo Monday night, Fox News' The Kelly File was the highest rated hour across all of cable news, beating The O'Reilly Factor, which came in second with 437K.

Chattanooga Shooter DUI Arrest Footage Released by Tennessee Police

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Police footage has been released showing Mohammad Abdulazeez at his DUI arrest several months before his attack in Chattanooga.

WATCH: First Trailer Released for Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie

The first trailer dropped today for Michael Bay‘s movie about the Benghazi attack, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Based on a 2014 book on the attack on the compound that left four Americans dead, Bay’s film focused on a security team that was dispatched to fight the terrorist attackers. Cast members include The […]

Daily Show Correspondents Torture Some Answers Out of Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart tonight answered some questions Daily Show fans have always wanted to know. But Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper had to torture 'em outta him first.

CNN Guest: ‘Verbally Incontinent’ Trump Is ‘Conning Conservatives’

Republican strategist Rick Wilson made it clear on CNN tonight he has little tolerance for Donald Trump's nonsense, calling him naught but a "TV character" who is "running a scam on conservatives."

After Calling Trump ‘Paper Tiger,’ Mark Cuban Now Thinks He’s the Best Thing Ever

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After raising speculation about exactly how much Donald Trump can spend on his presidential run, Mark Cuban now thinks he's the best thing to happen to politics.

PETA: Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion Should Be ‘Charged and, Preferably, Hanged’

PETA reacted to the dentist who shot Cecil the Lion by calling for him to be, "preferably, hanged."

Tina Fey: Donald Trump’s Presidential Run is ‘Great For Comedy’

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During a press event for the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Tina Fey expressed confidence that Donald Trump and the other 2016 candidates will offer plenty of moments for comedy writers to work with.

Deposition Alleges Trump Once Said ‘You Disgust Me’ to a Lawyer’s Request to Breastfeed

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Donald Trump‘s campaign is still reeling from an article where his lawyer, Michael Cohen, made some bizarre comments on marital rape, while also threatening the reporter. On Tuesday night, The New York Times reported on a series of resurfaced depositions where Trump quickly got heated with one of his lawyers while discussing a real estate […]

Fox News Drops Threshold for Pre-GOP Debate Candidate Forum

Fox News has dropped a qualifying threshold for its pre-Republican debate candidate forum so that more candidates will be able to participate.